Q: Is the data stored on my computer secure?

A: The data on your computer is accessible by the lite.it techies remotely. This is however only with your permission which is granted by you entering a code that appears on your screen. You can end the remote access session at any time.


Q:What kind of problems are you able to help with?

A: Slow PC issues, email problems, new account configurations etc.


Q: What is the SLA on a logged ticket?

A: The service is a best effort service but most tickets are resolved within two hours that they are logged.


Q: What is the notice for subscription cancellation?

A: Once a subscription is cancelled, no further deductions for the support service from your credit card will occur.


Q: What are the ransomware policies that you refer to?

A: These are special Microsoft policies that help prevent Ransomware unpacking in the background.


Q: As lockdown rules ease, is the SUCCESS coupon still valid, and if so, up until when can I apply it to ensure my three free months?

A: The service is free for the initial 3 months until notified otherwise. Any user who signs up during the promotion will receive the full three months free regardless of level of lockdown during the three month period.


Q: Where is the backup of my server?

A: The backup of your server can be on prem, or to the cloud. If it is to the cloud, a nominal fee per GB (gigabyte) of data is charged.


Q: Does the service cover my entire home office, like my printer and mobile devices or just my computer?

A: The service is billed on a per device basis. Only devices with the Lite.IT agent installed on them are covered with this support.


Q: How will you support me, will it be via email, telephone or tools like TeamViewer – how will this work if our internet is down?

A: The service relies on an internet connection as it is delivered entirely remotely. Support is offered utilising a tool similar to TeamViewer / VNC and communication with a lite.it techie is done via built in instant messaging.


Q: What is the process to contact you?

A: A ticket can be logged by either mailing support@lite.it or alternatively clicking on the agent icon located on the task bar on your computer.


Q: Can you help me in my home language?

A: Support is currently only offered in English however plans to expand on this are underway.


Q: Does the price cover services per month or per event/ticket?

A: The price is per month and there is no limit to the number of tickets logged by the user.


Q: Do you offer a trial or try and buy option for me to test the experience?

A: Using the coupon code SUCCESS, you will be able to test the service for three month at no charge.