IT support for my computer

R119.00 / month

  • Remote support
  • Antivirus protection
  • Ransomware protection
  • Automated machine optimization
  • Patch management
  • Monthly reporting


Remote support
for customers on the move. LITE.IT enables our techies to provide remote IT Support and help you with any IT issues you may have.

Anti-virus protection is provided using Kaspersky anti-virus. Therefore no other anti-virus subscriptions are required during the service period. This is included at no additional cost to the monthly fee.

Ransomware protection is an automatic installation of security updates and policies, which helps to protect your computer(s) from ransomware.

Automated machine optimisation is proactively carried out to ensure that your computer(s) operate as efficiently as possible.

Patch management ensures that all software packages installed on your computer(s) are automatically updated with the latest version.

Monthly reporting:

  • Executive summary : A report designed for the non-IT executive or account holder indicating the overall network health status based on the aggregate of various relevant criteria.
  • Hardware audit : A report showing all PCs on your network as well as their associated specifications brand name and warranty information (where applicable).
  • Software audit : A report indicating all software installed on PCs within your network (software type, version and license key)
  • Ticket report : This report indicates the number of logged tickets as well as times to respond and resolve.

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